Soaring American Silver Eagle Coins

When it comes to precious metals investing, Gold catches most of the headlines.  Investor or not, it seems everyone is watching progress toward that magic $2000 gold price.  That price carries significance because that is the price gold would have to reach to equal its inflation adjusted high.  Actually, that amount is higher but that’s the amount that sticks in most people’s heads.  $2000 GOLD!

But, as I have alluded to of late, silver seems to be making a move.  Surreptitiously, and under cover of darkness, silver has risen 50% in the last 12 months and 20% since the beginning of February.  Just as some experts refer to gold’s inflation adjusted high, more and more now refer to silver’s inflation adjusted high of $146 an ounce.  That’s the price silver would have to be today to equal it’s 1980 high near $50 an ounce.

So if you are fortunate enough to be able to continue to add to your savings and retirement accounts on a regular basis, don’t ignore the potential of silver.  Stay tuned here as we also keep vigil over its every move.  We’ll make sure coins like the American Eagle Silver Coins don’t soar out of sight before you have a chance to add some to your nest egg.


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