Lear Capital: Government Power Grab Pours Billions Into Silver

2010_01_05_17_53_260001As the world scrambles to get “Green,” the solar silver phenomenon is growing.  Japan just became the fifth country, behind the U.S., China, Germany and Italy, to reach the 10 gigawatt capacity level for solar energy.  In the wake of Fukushima, efforts to develop alternative and renewable energy sources have been stepped up a notch.

Move over coal, nuclear, wind, algae, oil and corn.  Solar power is clean, quiet and renewable.  No humming, no toxic emissions just an endless supply of pure power.  The power grab is on as most major governments now offer subsidies or incentives to those who wish to install solar power in their home or business.  Billions of government dollars are being poured into silver.

From industry reports we learn that it takes 3.1 million ounces of silver to produce 1 gigawatt of power.  According to the Silver Institute, China will add 10 gigawatts of solar power capacity per year until it reaches 35 gigs of total capacity.  That would be about 8 gigs a year through 2015 requiring more than 24 million ounces of silver to pull it off.

Other countries are joining the solar power grab.  India has plans for 20 gigs by 2020 and worldwide, solar power capacity is expected to grow 20 to 40 times what it is now.  This rising demand on its own is enough to move markets yet the mainstream media continues to fail to deliver the true silver story.  That story being, supply is almost gone and demand is rising.

Maybe the supply of solar power isn’t so endless after all.  Maybe the critically short supply of silver is why more countries are engaging in their own solar power grab. In this form Silver actually pays dividends.  As long as the sun burns silver solar energy keeps delivering.  But if you run out silver, the sun can burn for a million years and not produce any more energy than you get from direct exposure to its rays.

He who holds the gold may make the rule, but he who holds silver has the power.

For ongoing updates on both the gold and silver markets follow me @DaveTheGoldDr.  May your days ahead be bright!

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