The real question is: When will ALL of the oil producers demand payment in gold for their oil?

Blog Photo A real asset for a real asset. Real oil for physical gold. I’m not going to comment on the political nature of this type of transaction where India & maybe now China will be buying Iranian oil with physical gold, however I WILL comment on the financial nature of this transaction, as it is a game-changer. It was inevitable! When you debase global fiat money (Helicopter Money) as you have heard me call it before, you make the worlds drillers, the miners and the farmers realize that they have something more valuable for trade. Think about it for a minute – wouldn’t you? Gold demand will surely rise on this news. That is why I’m continuing to accumulate my REAL MONEY (ie. gold coins, numismatic silver coins, etc.) from Lear Capital for the day I may have to pay for my oil with a gold coin or a silver coin.

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